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    Big impact and a Big responsibility
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    Strong Environmental Performance

    A Responsible Business Partner

    The Preferred Choice for Customers

    Making the future count

    Bringing sustainability to market

    Value Chain Collaboration.

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    Your promise!!! We Delivered it..
    More than just three words.
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    Ease of Business

    On Time as Promised

    Improving Opportunity

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    Your promise!!! Delivered. Through value adding services. Simply Beautiful.
    we ensure our leading ocean products are complemented
    with leading services so you can extract tangible value and deliver your promises to your customers.

The focus of JBS Shipping Sustainability efforts is to create long-term value for our customers, our shareholders and society in three key areas.

About Us

  • Strong Environmental Performance

    Through industry leading environmental performance and a focus on increasing the efficiency of our vessel operations JBS Shipping will seek to maintain our CO2 advantage in the industry. Priority issues include energy efficiency of charter vessels, innovative ship design, and innovation in container design and innovation.

  • A Responsible Business Partner

    JBS Shipping will exercise due care to protect our name and our values. Priority issues include responsible procurement, respect for human and labour rights, and protection of the marine environment.
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  • The Preferred Choice for Customers

    JBS Shipping will work to enable transparency and choice for our customers, supporting their efforts to create more sustainable supply chains and partnering on leadership initiatives to create joint value for sustainable profitable growth.