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    Big impact and a Big responsibility
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    Strong Environmental Performance

    A Responsible Business Partner

    The Preferred Choice for Customers

    Making the future count

    Bringing sustainability to market

    Value Chain Collaboration.

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    Your promise!!! We Delivered it..
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    Ease of Business

    On Time as Promised

    Improving Opportunity

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    Your promise!!! Delivered. Through value adding services. Simply Beautiful.
    we ensure our leading ocean products are complemented
    with leading services so you can extract tangible value and deliver your promises to your customers.
we offer cargo condition surveys to P & I clubs and insurance underwriters. We have vast expertise in assisting law firms as surveyors and expert witness. We are experts in representing prospective buyers in vaious location across the globe and provide extensive vessel assessment report for pre-purchases.

Risk management is the most important concept in a project of any scale. The earlier a risk is identified and the mitigation or avoidance plan is worked out in an operation or an undertaking, greater is the reduction of possibilities of accidents or loss of money.

Our expert team offers risk evaluation and management services for the marine industry that help our clients avoid potential accidents and reduce their risk exposure. Our risk management services are very exhaustive and are designed to go beyond the minimum industry or statutory requirements.

Our finest team of highly experienced professionals have an unparalleled reputation in cargo surveying and claims prevention industry. We have lot of experience in carrying out a variety of cargo surveys and our serices span across the complete spectrum of dry and wet cargoes.

Our expert team comprises of professionals who can handle any type of operation from loading, discharging to STS operation and handle any type of cargo from dry goods to petroleum, crude oil, chemicals, fuels, LNG/LPG etc. We reduce our clients exposure to losses such as cargo shortage, cargo contamination etc by extending our policy from attendance at loading and discharging/STS operation until the confirmation of quality and quantity of the cargo is finally approved.

Weunderstand the need for proper and regular training of seafarer and shore staff so that they possess the latest knowledge in all the key aspects of shipping industry. The exploding expansion of fleet and the current industry competency levels underscore the importance of proper training to improve the complete fleet performance.

Our training portfolio majorly focuses on:

  • Oil, Chemical & Gas industry requirements

  • Latest industry requirements

  • ISM codes

  • ISO 9001/ISO 14000/OHSAS 18001

  • Other organization specific training goals and agenda

Our professional team of trainers are certified auditors and have helped numerous organizations acheive various accreditation. We have also capable of conducting internal audits and compilation of QA documentation.